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Know what to do after fire and water damage at your business.

Fire and water damage can interrupt your business for weeks or even months. Taking the right steps immediately after the fire is extinguished can help avoid further costs and get you back on track as quickly as possible.

Should a fire occur at your business, the damage and debris left behind can be a health hazard and the cause of further harm to your property. If water damage caused by fire-fighting is not taken care of immediately, it can quickly escalate and lead to mould growth inside walls. Plus, even after the fire is out, smoke and soot residue will continue to harm your building structure and its contents. Therefore, it is critical to begin professional fire cleaning services as soon as possible to avoid further loss.


Here are some crucial steps to take after a fire at your place of business.

1. Contact Your Insurance Company

Call your insurance company immediately to report your loss, in order to avoid delays and/or to meet any deadlines which may be outlined in your insurance policy. Your insurance company will send an adjuster to assess the damage to the building and your inventory, contents, equipment, and any other losses.

2. Call a Reliable Fire and Water Damage Restoration Company

You need to act quickly because secondary damage to your property escalates if fire and water damage restoration services do not begin in a timely manner. Within minutes, soot and smoke can cause yellow stains on walls and anything made of plastic. Within hours, acidity in soot can permanently tarnish or stain metal, and within days, yellowing on walls and fabrics can become permanent. After weeks, soot can permeate building materials leading to corrosion and the release of toxic fumes in the air. Therefore, it is crucial to contact an experienced restoration company to ensure these concerns are managed effectively.

3. Document the Damage

Once you are able to safely re-enter your property, your next step should be to document the extent of the damage to your building and contents as best you can. This task may feel overwhelming in the chaos, but it’s an important step when it comes to settling your insurance claim. You can document the fire and water damage with photographs, video and written descriptions.

4. Secure and Remove Equipment and Supplies

After documenting the damage, you will want to secure and remove any equipment and documents that can be salvaged and that may be at risk for further damage. Keep in mind that you must inform your insurance company what items you are removing and where you are storing them because they may want to inspect them to determine the extent of the damage. 

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