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Pack Up & Storage Services

Some restoration projects require that contents and furnishings be cleaned off of the premises. With our packout service, items will be inventoried, packed and safely transported to our climate-controlled warehouse. There they will be cleaned, restored, deodorized, repacked, and stored until restoration is complete.


Ice Damming

Ice dams occur when heavy snow buildup melts during the day and then refreezes when temperatures fall overnight. After several days of the thaw-freeze cycle, it is common for the ice to work up under the shingles. This is when your roof becomes vulnerable as that ice begins to melt and causes a leak. This leak can potentially damage your ceiling, walls and the contents of your home or business.  Whether you require preventative maintenance or damage restoration, you can count on us to provide prompt and reliable service.


Vehicle Impact

If a vehicle hits your home or otherwise damages the property, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond quickly to your situation.  We can provide emergency structure stabilization to ensure that your property is secure and safe while you are awaiting the more permanent repairs.  We will work with your insurance provider to secure the property and restore your home.

Document Recovery


We understand that the faster we respond to events, the more likely it is that we will be able to successfully salvage, recover and restore your water damaged books, documents and other materials.  Our trained technicians understand the importance of your sensitive and valuable documents and that prompt attention, and efficiency combined with the correct skill sets, equipment and procedures will often make the difference between a successful recovery and a total loss.

Asbestos Abatement


Asbestos abatement is a highly regulated and specialized process.  There are many facets to the handling of asbestos that present when dealing with asbestos abatement.  This becomes even more complicated when asbestos and asbestos containing materials are exposed or disturbed as a result of mishap or disaster.  Our technicians are qualified and fully trained asbestos abatement professionals.

Commercial Property Restoration

Restoration services that recognize your need to get back to business quickly

Our dedicated property restoration experts are trained to respond quickly and mobilize the exact mitigation resources needed to restore your business to its normal operations as soon as possible. Getting you back in business is our number one priority.  We will focus on getting your key areas of business up and running first when managing your restoration project.

ServiceMaster of Markham can offer you a combination of restoration services so that you only have to make one call!

Some of what we offer is:

  • Emergency mitigation services                                                                                                     
  • Temporary power
  • Board up of broken windows or doors
  • Electronic restoration
  • Full reconstruction services
  • Building stabilization, including smoke and odour removal
  • Project Management and Consultation services
  • Diagnostic services to determine cause of loss


Our Process for Commercial Property Restoration

Responsive and reliable processes for urgent commercial restoration services

We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year so you will be able to speak directly with one of our property restoration experts when you need us most.

We will begin the process by assessing your unique situation and developing a strategic plan for mitigation. Our restoration service professionals will be at your site within 2 to 4 hours of being called. (Our response times may vary, depending on the severity of your loss).

The key areas of your business will be our initial focus for restoration so they can be up and running first.

We will work with your insurance adjuster to establish the scope of damage and set reserves for the claim.

We use established industry pricing using Xactimate and will provide a detailed breakdown of every cost associated with your property restoration.

General Construction Services

Custom construction and renovations, even without a disaster.

You don’t need to experience a disaster to work with our professional construction team. We are a fully licensed general contractor with experts on staff who can handle any sized construction or renovation project.

Our firm is a Tarion registered company, taking pride in creating beautiful renovations and complete custom homes. We work closely with experienced architects and designers to make your dream home a reality!  


About Us

When you choose ServiceMaster of Markham for your property restoration needs you can feel confident that we are the right call to make in a bad situation.  Here are just some of the reasons that we are able to deliver excellence:

  • We have a 13,000

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    Common Causes of Basement Flooding

    Common Causes of Basement Flooding

    Since basements are built partially if not fully below ground, they’re prone to flooding. For that reason, a basement flood



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    Efficient; reliable; skilled; friendly customer service. Excellent job of floor installation. Jessica was a real pleasure to work with.



    When we called in the insurance company when the water main broke they called Service Master and they came right away. When you are trying to run a business and you are under water you need help right away. They came sucked up all the water and put huge industrial fans to dry everything out to minimize the damage and get us up and running ASAP. We really appreciated that. My husband needed the help as he couldn't deal with the flood on his own with only our staff. We are not equipped for that type of problem. The people who came from Service Master were all pleasant congenial; a pleasure to work with. They did a professional job on the repairs. We were very satisfied over all with all work completed. Thank you so much!


    Clean, neat, thorough, friendly.

    Rob Longorini

    Prompt, attentive, professional and accessible


    Expert service and quick response time.


    Friendly staff and very professional trades


    Very quick response time. Neat and efficient.

    Steuart Mac Kintosh

    The quick response no matter day or night. And the quality and detail put into dealing with any issue.


    We like the prop service to know that the job will be in good hands .


    They have done a very professional work. They found exactly the same paint to match the existing, found exactly the same carpet and put the furniture back in place and left the room clean. All the workers were ready to satisfy us and very kind. Good job!


    Hi John Cook: I have had your company do several jobs for me and I have been quite pleased and satisfied with each. Installing hardwood floors throughout my house, the installation of a back flow sewer valve, the installation patio stones in the back of the house and the installation an special air exchanger device to remove the Radon Gas in the house. Your company also followed up on a major emergency disaster at the Commercial Condominium property where I am the property manager, after a water main ruptured under the building at 15 Capella court that flooded out16 business units. Another disaster company had been originally called because they are located in the condominium complex. They did most of the initial work removing content and drywall and insulation. Your Mitigation Manager James Hiscoe was called in to look over the situation for me and he pointed out several issue that the insurance adjuster would question. He also advised the Disaster Company of these issues and had they rectify them. When it came time to do the rebuild, they told me they could not, nor would they attempt to finish up the job. They said it was too big a job and told me to call ServiceMaster. When your company was called in I was very pleased with the quality and professionalism of your people on site. Keep up the excellent work and you can rest assured I will recommend your services to anyone who may ask me.


    The quality of work is great and your representatives are professional and easy to deal with.


    The fast response, the knowledge and support from the team.


    Service and accessibility of the contractor being on top of the situation.


    fast service for emergency calls


    It was a residential restoration situation and Service Master was great at keeping me informed as to progress, offering both a higher and lower quote depending on the extend of our needs and also taking the iniative in helping resolve unforseen problems which required co ordinating with third parties such as a plumber


    fast service very competent service personal

    Scott Cardinal

    Fast and efficient. Friendly.


    The response to our request was amazing with a very rapid turnaround time of apporximately 20 minutes to be on site. Both members of your staff were very professional and efficient. Both Serge and Ismail were very responsive to our needs. Thank you again.


    Very fast response by Jason AppleJohn and Jamie. They know exactly what needs to be done.


    Fast response Excellent staff!!